Deanic Rosaries

For devotees of Our Mother God, Submarine Forest makes custom Deanic rosaries. As I am not out to make a profit on these items, I normally do not list them on Etsy.

Ready-made Deanic Rosaries
Miniature Deanic rosary: 2 in stock
– This rosary is made from 4mm bicone crystal glass beads, a central medallion with a single rose, and a tiny medallion of Our Lady Mary appearing to Saint Bernadette in the cave at Lourdes.
– The miniature Deanic rosary unfolds to slightly smaller than a normal rosary, but scrunches up small enough to fit easily in your change purse along with your change.
Etsy link to Miniature Deanic Rosary.

Custom Deanic Rosaries
– To order a custom Deanic rosary, please fill out this rough order form and send it to
– Materials and construction time will vary.
– By submitting this order form, you are not yet committing yourself. I will discuss materials with you and give you an estimate before beginning construction on your rosary.
– I will only charge you the cost of supplies plus three dollars for packaging and shipping. However, if you wish to go through Etsy to make your purchase, I will need to charge you an extra 3.5%, as Etsy takes this from all sales. It will likely not be more than a few dollars.
– Crosses ordered from Goddess Circle come with a silver chain. I will send this to you along with your rosary. If you wish it, I can make a necklace out of it.

Deanic Rosary order form

Do you want a clasp so that you can wear it as a necklace?
[] Yes.
[] No.

For the three-way connector, I want…

[] A base metal Madonna
[] Something from The Rosary Shop.
[] Something from Rosaryparts dot com. (Please specify.)
[] Something else. (Please specify.)

For the medallion, I want…

[] A base metal Miraculous Medal.
[] A sterling silver Miraculous Medal.
[] A base metal fora. I understand that it will likely be Celtic in appearance.
[] A base metal cross.
[] A different medallion of Our Lady Mary. (Please specify.)
[] A silver fora from Goddess Circle. (Please specify.)
[] Something else. (Please specify.)

For the chain and eye pins, I want…
[] Base metal.
[] Sterling silver.

For the colour, I want…(pick one or two)

[] Clear
[] White
[] Yellow
[] Orange
[] Red
[] Green
[] Blue
[] Violet
[] Brown
[] Black
[] Silver
[] I’d rather choose by stone than by colour.

For the beads, I want…

[] Glass
[] Wood
[] Freshwater pearls
[] Stone (Please specify.)

Are you ready?
[] Yes, please get to work!
[] No, there’s something else I need to tell you about my rosary. (Please specify.)


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